Carnage (A Rising Knight, #1) Vladimir Duran



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Carnage (A Rising Knight, #1)  by  Vladimir Duran

Carnage (A Rising Knight, #1) by Vladimir Duran
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A Rising Knight: Vol1, Issue 1. He was a killer by fifteen, a warrior by sixteen, a revolutionary by seventeen, a legend by eighteen, he wont live to be nineteen. If you knew fire and death awaited would you still take that first step? These are Steps Vlad will take to define his destiny. He will be born in darkness and baptized in blood. He will choose a name and standard. He will spit at the feet of god and slay his angels.A Rising Knight: Vol1, Issue 1 - Carnage the first issue from the first volume of an anthology short story series chronicling the journey of a half wizard living in New York.

The first volume covers the start of the three journeys he will take to becoming the most hunted wizard in history.Excerpt:Thumbing the MP3 to shuffle, the Knight leapt from the girder. Around him he wove something hed been working on.

A cloak of living shadow that covered him from head to toe in swirling darkness but for a pair of glowing red eyes. In his ear The Man Comes Around4 began to play.And I heard as it were a noise of thunder.Fire bloomed all around the commander and her group. Not hot enough to burn through their shields, but enough to blind night sight and mark their position for the other groups. Before any of them could react, he was there, among them, close enough to smell the stink of sudden terror that rose off their bodies. The commander was his target. Take her out and the rest would be slow to change tactics, too slow.

While she was still trying to draw her sword or fire a spell to hold him off the Knight put his hand on the small woman’s chest. A single cord of air broke past her shield and expended in her heart. It exploded. He was moving before she knew she was dead.Theres a man goin round takin names.He broke right and slipped through the Hunters of the commander’s group. They were still trying to react to his attack. To his eyes they moved as if in slow motion.

The other groups reacted faster. The Knight made it out of there a split second before the remaining four Hunters were torn apart by bolts of lightning, balls of fire and bars of light. The music did not cover the sound of their screams.

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